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SOPA Feature
  As the Chinese economy has risen over the past ten years, the hand tool business in Taiwan has declined rapidly.  However, SOPA has survived until now due to our well-deserved reputation for product quality and our innovative product design.

  According to the business philosophy of  our president and founder, Quincy Hung... , we understand that having appreciation for the core human values and putting them at the heart of our company makes for good business.  From treating employees fairly, with respect and dignity, to achieving and maintaining the high quality of our products, we have ensured the satisfaction of our customers over many years.  For us here at SOPA, good reputation and product quality are not just labels, but have been our core values and beliefs for the past 35 years.

SOPA have excellent experience with various manufacturing requirements from customers, and our core values and belief are high quality and reasonable price.
Address :台中市大里區大里工業區工業12路16號TEL: 04-24961001FAX : 04-24961012
E-MAIL : sopa@seed.net.tw